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I just read the article on the new Piracy-Proof format for music  disks.  Had a
little laugh about it considering if you can hear it via speakers you can still
record it through the aux jack on a computer as an mp3 or what ever format that
floats your boat.



re: Holocaust Memorial

When the world is as sick as it is today, humour is the only thing left.

Tom MacFarlane

I’ve been reading the responses to your Frankie Truman report on the World Cup.
What is wrong with people?  I’m hoping that you made up those replies, or the
people who sent them in were joking, otherwise people that stupid are
walking around the world as we speak.

Keep up the good work.  Yours is one of the few that regularly have me laughing.


I can’t help noticing it’s been ages since any new stories were added. It used to be
updated far more regularly. I realise that there is probably a very good reason for
this, but would like to encourage you to update it asap. I check about every other
day and I’m always disappointed when there’s nothing new. Cheers for entertaining
me so far.


Apologies for the lack of regular updates. I’ll try to add new stories
more regularly. Thanks for reading.

Just wanted to say the David Blaine’s Box article is class… lots of funny looks
at work for giggling at that one! Keep up the good work !!!

H Unwin

Just been re-reading your stories for the god knows how many time. As ever,
top banana! The piece about concorde – laugh? I could have cried! Noticed the
line “crashing into a skyscraper type incident”, and the publication date, July
2001 and thought, ouch – can he get away with that? Has he thought about
retracting the piece? A bit close to the mark? But then I noticed the story
Glasgow, and it’s obvious that the scorn of a nation will not hold you back –
good work fella


Hey Frankie. How about a run down on the other teams involved?  My mates
reckon North Korea and China are a good bet for the final. Saddam must be
kicking himself for being drawn in the same group as USA and the Brits – after
all that hard work qualifying he’s up against two teams who haven’t been beaten
in ages.


It’s so good to see that there’s still soneone with a sense of humour and irony
out there…where do you get your inspiration? I was actually laughing out loud
all on my own in front of my computer! Fantastic stuff…haven’t seen anything
quite so funny for a while. Friend sent me the URL and I have obviously sent it
on to many more. Ciao.


If you ever come to Orygun, I want to drink with you. Yes that is a compliment.

E. Wright

Frankie’s back!!! As well informed as ever, indeed better informed than most of
his counterparts in the US media. Thank you for disinterring him – he’s a true
comic gem.


The Frankie Truman articles I just read are excellent, specially his special
report from Saudia Arabia. Please continue with this character and his
interpretations of the US-Iraq issue. It’s very difficult for me to understand why
(many) people believe he is an actual person when he talks about ‘Soccer
Football‘. As I said, please continue with Mr Truman. A bit of humour is needed in
these uncertain times.


Apart from having posted my appreciation in already, I’d
like to tell you directly that yours is really the funniest site I’ve seen in a long
time. I really have to stop reading now or my office staff is going to call a
doctor. Keep up the good work!

Till Neumann (Hamburg, Germany)

Ho ho!! Funnier then the hammers season!!


Outstanding! Saw the link on Yahoo news about the “new” Black Disc
preventing copying music. Then I read about the 50,000 weapons inspectors.
Good ____ing stuff! Thanks for the laughs.


Must say the site is fantastic!! Only wish there were more stories, but puts a
smile on my face reading the old ones. Keep it up!

Andrew Wallington

Hey, thought it was great. But is it real? (the I-Gun). Heard bout you from mIRC


Ahh, the joys of the error message – nicely done mate. But iError, surely, rather
than i-error. Just for the full apple edge!

Helen H

Greetings! I enjoyed your site and reading the tongue-in-cheek reports. I was
curious if there were a manner in which you could indicate stories with an
accompanying photo or graphic image, perhaps with an icon, star, or letter, or
something of that nature. Thanks for the laughs!

Bruce Krymow

I’ve just discovered your site, and it’s one of the funniest things on the web!
I’ve just made a total fool of myself laughing out loud in the office at Frankie
Truman’s soccer football report, and also at the email responses. Keep up the
good work? The Web needs you!


Brilliant stuff, mate! Keep it up. It does amaze me that so many of the people
that commented on the Frankie Truman story assumed that your site is
American. Hardly possible, is it, now? 😉


I was worried about your claim re: the Piper/Evans reproduction until I came to
the claim that Danny Baker was unavailable for comment. Then I knew it wasn’t

Henry Percy

Absolutely bloody hilarious!!! Keep up the good work!


Where did you find the information for that article? I couldn’t stop laughing and
I really do want to find a way to contact these clever people (haha). Really,
don’t they have a brain? And teenage hackers? Please, if you can give me any
information about where I can contact them do it, we’ll have a good laugh,
promise! Cya 🙂


Congratulations  – a very funny site! Reminds me a little of the style of Private
Eye which I used to read when it was funny in the 80s and early 90s. First heard
of this  site yesterday when someone emailed me the link to the World Cup
article. Keep up the good work!

Niall Macpherson

Love the site, funniest stuff I’ve read in ages, keep up the good work etc etc etc

Matt Smith

Very good! superior to herdofsheep and bbc. keep going mun!

D. Fair

One of our editors found this wonderful tidbit on your site.  Thanks, and keep
up the funny stuff,

Paul D. Lehrman, Web Editor, Mix magazine

Wow. I loved the article you had on the Music Industry and vinyl!
It was great!

I would like to know if I could re-publish it on We are a free
non-commercial resource for the dance music industry. Thanks!

Dave Meeker, Director –

Very funny bit about vinyl records…as the resident LP guru at Stereophile it was
only a matter of time before it showed up in my email…of course LPs sound
better than CDs, and MP3 sound truly sucks. I feel sorry for a generation that
thinks MP3s played back on plastic computer speakers is “music.” But oh, well,
vinyl has made a big comeback and plenty of kids are listening. Thanks for the

Michael Fremer, Senior contributing editor, Stereophile

Just found your site. Brilliant. Very full of Brill, actually. Be reading you.

Russ Stemler

I enjoyed the site. Good stories, unique story archive setup with url’s.

As per your request towards satisfying your curiosity as to how I found your
site I’ve enclosed the link so you can check it out yourself.

I wrote because I noticed your blaring announcement that your site is now
available in Swedish and was wondering when the Mandarin and Yiddish
versions will be available online.

Michael S.

Your site is splendid.  None else is nearly as funny.  Many thanks for a lot of

Dan Schaffer

Darn good site.

I was particularly touched by the Liz Hurely paternity thing, and the article on
George Bush getting nervous about Tony Blair’s visits, and the article about
scientists inventing a new way to look like a twat, and…. I could go on, but you
get the idea. Keep up the good work.


PS. For your info, I came across the site after typing “Billie Piper Chris Evans”
into Google, which threw up the article about fears over their plans to have
kids. I was hooked from that moment.

re: British troops go to Afghanistan

Brilliant site, this story was so funny but also scarily true. Cheers,


p.s. Got here from

re: mental health

What?  Are you sure you double-checked your diagnosis?  Sounds more like an
“Affective-Disorder” rather than simply “Paranoid Schizophrenia”.  Did you use
the ICD or the BMV?  It’d be interesting to find out where you get your mental
health references from!

S Canning, research and information worker

I found your web site by chance, from Not much to say —
just congratulations, and thank you for putting together something like that
(wow!). My favorite stories include Invention Of Wheel Followed By
Marketing Campaign and Church of England And Buddhism Announce ‘Exciting’

I would like to see this style of writing expanded and aided by a national contest,
something like the equivalent of the Pulitzer prize. News media contains too
much crap anyway. And a case could be made that articles like yours may have
a higher social utility (whatever that is) than the ordinary, true stuff. At the very
least, they could change some perspectives. Enough.

Bogdan Romocea

Nice site, guys!

Tom Salinsky

Excellent stuff.  I like the clueless bods.  “It’s ADSL you twat.” Anyway,  later.
Keep up the good work.

James Begent

Thanks for the updates.  Can you tell us if you are introducing financial pages
in the New Year ?  I’m sure they’ll be just as useful as my ex-broker; and my
ex-wife certainly thinks so .. Merry Xmas.

Nixon McVicar

Dear Michael Jackson webmaster,

After I did did visit your Michael Jackson website at I wanna ask you if you could place a
link or box to our Michael Jackson e-card service.



I loved the pictures and words about the wheel and its importance in the
history of transportation.

Julie Taboh, Washington, DC

Thank god you’re back on the case. I hope it was a nice holiday.

Without the lance of your sarcasm I’ve been turning into a puss filled boil of


As an Israeli and a keen advocate of peace, I feel duty-bound to defend the actions of my state, which you lampooned in your recent article.

Let it first be noted that Israel is the home of the Jews; the Promised Land, Zion and so on. We have gone to great pains to live peacefully with the Palestinians, but despite our best efforts, the Arabs refuse to fuck off.

It is our hope that a lasting memorial to the atrocities suffered during the Holocaust will demonstrate to our neighbours, and to detractors such as yourself, that a fight with the Jews is a fight that can be neither won nor lost, but only endured. We will endure.

I fear, however, that your fate will not be so noble. Satire, my friend, is like throwing pebbles at a great temple; the empty action of a petulant soul cast adrift in a Godless world, directionless and impotent. You should instead wield your pen like a sword — if you express your anger with honesty and back it with your heart’s untempered passion, no man can touch you. Remember, there are no extraordinary people in this world; only ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

I dedicate this letter to the unending memory of all those who have suffered.

Saul Goldberg
International freelance impressario

While I am as alarmed as anyone else at the potential Chris Evans-Billie Piper
mating, I must admit that I am also an American and haven’t a clue in Hell as to
who these two people are or why their offspring would obviously be a Demon
From Downstairs.  On the other hand, the female in this equation looks dim
enough that simply attempting to teach her Scrabble would probably banish all
thoughts of sex from her head for at least six months, as the head looks to small
to carry more than one idea at a time . . .

Love The Site, By The Way


I wrote you a way back commenting how much I liked the site. I’ve enjoyed all
of the updates since, and I’m glad to see the site has maintained it’s clean
structure. I loved the concorde story – it literally had me rolling with laughter!

Have you ever thought about using a bulletin board on the site? I think it would
work quite well, issues like the ‘iGun’ would be easier to discuss for sure. Also,
the site could do with more frequent updates.

Cheers again,


PS the last suggestion was a joke – I’d far rather have sporadic great humour than
regular mediocre stuff (see ‘the onion’ for an example of the latter).

I liked your site a lot. The author of quoted from your
site to explain me something about the anti-globalism protesters. Keep up the
good work.


PS. A tad snobbish to show off with ClarisWorks 4 while SimpleText can do
the job.

I was having a miserable day thorn in finger etc you know the sort of thing had
arranged to have miserable day but found your site which is truly funny
“I laughed out loud” said a sad git in Wallington.You should be paid for this .
Found it through cybereditions/daily or whatever they are now. I shall be
recommending it hoping for some vicarious credit.

Paul Warren

Greetings, I found your site from a reference in <news:comp.sys.mac.flight-sim>
about “all your plane belong to us“. Hilarious piece. I also liked the piece about
the newly announced Chinese surveillance plane. Good satire…!

Daniel O’Donnell

Interesting article on the iGun. We’re not quite ready with the internet access
module yet.

Jonathan Mossberg,
President, iGun Technology Corp.

I’m just writing to say I love your site – I think the stories are very sharp,
especially the foot and mouth story. Thanks for making such a brilliant site

Joe Zuntz

Absolutely brilliant mate! Well impressed, just wish I’d come across it earlier!

Sam Routledge

good work person of non-obvious gender. Like it, esp the iGun piece keep it up


Great site, excellent stories.  I check you out and often circulate the stories on
my unofficial mail group.  The 2nd egg thrower story was perfect as a Friday
afternoon loosener …

Really just you ? Shurely Shome Acheivement

Nixon McVicar

re: iGun

mac made!
(what else can i say?)
all the best,

yuri, rio/ brasil

re: iGun

That’s not even funny.

Mike Kaufmann   Santa Cruz, CA

re: iGun

i thought this was brilliant! you got the tone of it spot on – right on the
borderline of credibility! i sent it around to loads of friends…well done!


Loved your iGun spoof.  Suggest you alter the announcement to spec a
10-round magazine, as mfg of new over-10-round mags has been restricted to
police-only since late 1994.  FWIW.  🙂

Bill Meyers

I just got directed to an article on your site by ARK, and thought I’d drop you a
line to say that I like it – a lot. The design is nice and clean too, a rarity on the
web. I like you sense of humour, too. That was the first ‘all your base’ parody
in a long while that actually made me laugh!


You’re a clever little bugger, aren’t you? Keep up the good work – we’re all
laughing our tits off here at the office.


PL, The Tribune.

hey there mystery person,

i think your site is fantastic. i am presently wiping the tears from my eyes.
should you ever require an australian correspondent, i am your man.

david prater

Funny and clever.

A bit worrying, though. I’m a teacher and I showed your anticapitalism ‘story’ to
students 16-18 and they just didn’t realise it was a spoof. They had absolutely
no idea. Perhaps I should have followed it up with the sheep story. Very
wittily done. More?

s walsh

Very good work!  I hope you get lots of visitors.  Best wishes.


Just read your post on the mayday2001 list and laughed out loud…

Sean McGinty

I like your stories. They’re funny.


Oliver Cox

it’s cows not sheep that are being slaughtered at the moment

funny, though…

Rod Stanley

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