World’s Mentally-Ill Excitedly Gearing Up For Oscar Night

Mentally dysfunctional people around the world are excitedly gearing up for
what for many is the biggest night of the year: The Annual Academy Awards®
in Hollywood.

“For some people, the Oscars are about celebrating great movies,” said a
spokesman for the American Institute of Idiots Savants, “but for us, it’s a
chance to celebrate mental dysfunction. Now leave me alone! Nnnnng!”

Most mentally ill viewers will be cheering on Russell Crowe for his highly
disturbed performance in ‘A Beautiful Mind.’
Crowe: Popular on the wards
“Russell Crowe is my favourite actor, yes,” says fan and paranoid
schizophrenic Jonathan Banes. “I have a poster of him on my wall. In fact, I
have three hundred posters of him all exactly 8.09 centimetres square and arranged
into the shape of a Mandlebrot set. It is quite appealing to the eye and I believe it
will one day enable me to travel back in time.”

Sean Penn is also expected to get plenty of support for his vividly retarded
performance in ‘I Am Sam.’

With past Oscar successes like ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘Rainman’ still fresh in minds
of those who do not have degenerative mental conditions, the awards have
become a must-see event for the world’s mentally challenged.

A number of mentally dysfunctional celebrities are also eager anticipating the
event. Mariah Carey told “I shall be going to the Oscars in a
delightful horsedrawn carriage, where I am to be presented with a special,
diamond-encrusted Oscar for special services to music and world peace. I have
already bought a special pair of hotpants for the evening. Look. Do you like
Carey: Keen