Hospital Blamed As IVF Couple Give Birth To Mouse With Giant Ear Growing On Back

LONDON – St. Margarets Hospital has promised to review its working
practices after a woman undergoing IVF treatment there gave birth to a mouse
with a giant ear growing on its back.

“We’re not sure what happened at this point in time,” said fertility specialist
Peter Bailey. “The delivery appeared to be going as planned when one of the
nurses tapped my shoulder and told me the baby looked rather small, and, well,

The hospital has announced that there will be an enquiry into how the mistake
MISTAKE: Mouse with ear
“In hindsight, it may have been a bad idea for our genetic engineering
department to use the same refrigerators as our fertility clinic,” said
spokesman Clive Flapper, “but there you go.”

The couple say they want to keep the mouse, which they have named Mickey,
but may face a legal challenge from its natural parents. The clinic has also said
it may want the ear back at a later date.