Revealed: Mysterious JJ Abrams Trailer is for ‘Chewits: The Movie’

It is perhaps the most talked about movie trailer in history. As soon as it was
shown before the robot sci-fi movie ‘Transformers’, the trailer was posted on
Youtube and other sites and speculation began as to what the film was really

The news that this would be a monster movie of some sort sparked intense
internet chatter about what form the monster would take. ‘Secret’ websites have
been found, puzzles have been set, cryptic photographs have appeared.

Now, in a world exclusive, can finally reveal that 1-18-08 is
simply the release date and a code-name for the film, which will actually be
entitled ‘Chewits: The Movie’

Director JJ Abrams, known throughout Hollywood for his love of British
confectionery, has been a fan of Chewits ever since he saw a commercial
for the sweets on television whilst on holiday in London with his family.
He has been known to eat up to seven packs a day. “You can’t eat just six,”
he once quipped to an interviewer.

The new movie fulfills Abrams life-long ambition to bring the magic of that
commercial to the big screen. The film will depict the famous Chewits
monster eating famous landmarks around the world, including the Statue of
Liberty, and climaxes in a spectacular showdown in Barrow-in-Furness bus depot.

“We are going to show Barrow-in-Furness bus depot in a way that has never
been seen before,” said Abrams. “It’s gonna blow people’s minds.”

The Chewits TV ad that inspired Abrams

Even more incredible is the fact that the studio bankrolling the film, Paramount,
have not yet been made aware of this fact. “I guess they know now,” Abrams
told urbanreflex.

Tom Cruise was unavailable for comment.

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