Major Corporations Considering Relocating To Axis Of Evil

A survey has found that several major corporations are considering
relocating their production plants and offices to the ‘Axis of Evil.’

“Clearly, being at the world centre of evil will benefit us greatly giving us access
to vast, evil resources,” said Monsanto representative Eugene Baker. “It just
makes things easier.”

Coca-Cola says it is considering opening a bottling, distribution and
insidious-usurping-of-regional-culture plant in North Korea. “It will be the
Asian hub of our dastardly plan,” said international spokesperson Danielle

Microsoft and Gap already have offices in the region.

“The amount of evil in the west has been shrinking over the last few years,” says
Professor John Lister, lecturer in Social Sciences at Cambridge University,
“and what evil there is is becoming more and more expensive. So it makes sense
for these companies to move where evil is plentiful and readily available.”

Meanwhile, countries denied membership of the exclusive Axis of Evil have
joined forces to form a rival organisation, the Federation of Fiendishness.
The three nations that currently make up the group: China, Colombia
and, bizarrely, Wales, have agreed to work in partnership to “provide the world
with a genuine alternative to the Axis brand of evil.”

A brochure and website are expected later this month.