INTERNET NEWS: Man In Chatroom Types ‘LOL’ Despite Not Actually Laughing Or Even Smiling At Time

Gary Warbecker, a DIY store manager, was forced to admit today that he typed
‘LOL’ whilst chatting online, even though he was not actually laughing at the time
and, in fact, was not even slightly smiling.

“It’s hard to explain,” Mr. Warbecker, 31, told reporters. “The person I was
chatting with made some remark, something about his bowels, I think. I guess
it was kinda funny so I typed ‘LOL!’ But, truth be told, I wasn’t actually
laughing at the time. I wasn’t even grinning. In fact, I think I had kind of a
serious, pissed-off look on my face.”

‘LOL’ is the generally recognised internet abbreviation for ‘I am laughing out

Friends of Warbecker confirmed that he normally has an earnest, almost miserable
expression on his face whilst surfing the net: “I would go so far as to say he
looks constipated,” said one.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have ever laughed out loud at anything on
the internet. I really don’t know why I keep using that term,” Warbecker said.
“All I can say is, I’m sorry.”

It later emerged that this was not the first time Warbecker has misled his fellow
internet users. He has also confessed to repeatedly typing ‘smiley faces’ in his
emails when, in reality, his expression was a rather serious frown.