3 Minute Interview With Hollywood Star Reveals Nothing of Interest

Raymond Blart, presenter of late-night UK film review show ‘Flix’ was
generously granted a 180 second interview with Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage
during which nothing of importance or interest was discussed. The exclusive
interview, one of only forty-five given by the star that afternoon, took place against
a neutrally-coloured set dressed with a poster for Cage’s latest film and involved
two cameras filming for the entire three minutes. Cage discussed his character and
the themes of the movie with Blart, and exchanged a few light-hearted and
completely forgettable quips.

“I thought it went very well,” said Blart after the dull and predictable conversation.
“We should be able to create a six minute package from the interview by padding
it out with clips from the film and some bits of voice-over.” Blart now hopes to
repeat his success in two weeks time when he flies to San Francisco to speak to
Tom Cruise for approximately 11 seconds.