Large-scale, Global Anti-capitalism Protests Putting Smaller, Local, Anti-capitalism Protests Out Of Business

There were calls today for multinational pro-anarchy pressure groups to be
investigated for monopolistic practices after the NW3 branch of the London
Radical Left Movement For Socialist Revolution was disbanded due to lack of

The group's spokesperson, leader, treasurer, secretary and only member, Nigel
Wilkinson, believes that global anarchy movements such as the ones responsible
for the G7 riots in Seattle and the disturbances expected in London on May Day
are to blame for forcing out smaller, independent operations like his.

"These large American anti-capitalist movements have effectively taken over the
militant scene in this country," he said from his bedsit in Highgate. "There used
to be lots of small, independent groups all with their own unique character. Now
it's the same old anarchy all over the world."

Wilkinson has seen his group's membership dwindle by almost 70 percent over
the last year from a peak of three members to just one - himself. "We used to stand
outside shopping centres and try to sell Socialist Worker to students. Now its all
balaclavas and spray paint and massive crowds of people. I dunno. The character
of these protests has totally changed."

However, Kyle Redmond, spokesperson for WorldProtest, which has thousands
of members in 20 countries and co-ordinates protests all over the world,
defended his organisation's approach: "We give anarchists what they want. It's a
supply and demand situation. We offer a basic menu of building defacement,
vandalism of a McDonalds outlet and general looting, ending with a confrontation
with the local police. All our research shows that this is what the average anarchist
on the street wants."

(c) 2001